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By Angelo Chavez on Oct 02, 2019

This The Guy In The Maroon Yukon XL .. Yall Know Me ... You Guys Fuckin Straight Suck. A Bunch Of Kids Working Here That Don't Know What They Are Doing.. Left My Shit Damaged, Not Put Together Right, Wires Hanging You Name It... Never Coming Here Again Place Is A Fuckin Burn

By Luis Fuentes on Oct 01, 2019

By Nikki Barela on Sep 28, 2019


By Bryan Catanach on Sep 09, 2019

I think most of the people leaving negative reviews here lack the understanding of car audio systems and how they really work. If they did understand, then they would know that prices are fair and the staff really knows what they are doing. People always want a discount or something for free. Audio Express is a business not a welfare agency. Educate yourself on these systems and then you will realize that Audio Express Santa Fe is doing things right. Started coming here in 2014 and have been coming back ever since.

By James Jurney on Sep 07, 2019

By Jordan L. on Sep 03, 2019

Please don't waste your time at this Audio Express. There's a definite reason why the rating here is so low. I called the audio express in Abq and told them about my issues and they said please just come in and they would take care of me as I had already spent over $500 getting work done well aware of their installation guarantee. I came into this location to get work done and the manager was super rude right off the bat. He had his workers asses what was wrong (very basic simple issues) and then refused to fix them after I brought up the installation guarantee. He accused me of trying to get things for free. It was easy to tell this guy didn't like me the second I walked in. I called the branch in Abq and they apologized for this managers terrible attitude and said they would be happy to fix all my issues no problem. The workers were respectful but this guy was the worst. Come to Abq where they treat you right!

By Roberto Torres on Aug 22, 2019

The work was done in a rush and thus my feeder wire from the battery broke yeah broke off because it was not secured first time buying a audio system from a retailer and last time I will buy it

By Roberto on Aug 22, 2019

Worst customer service ever will be posting and sharing in all my social media sites

By Albert&Carmella Urban on Aug 19, 2019

Did not want to help me or look at my system when it was making a weird smell was just worried $2,000 is a lot to spend on a system I was told that if it blows out again it is under warranty

By Albert Urban on Aug 19, 2019

Did not want to help me or look at my system when it was making a weird smell was just worried $2,000 is a lot to spend on a system I was told that if it blows out again it is under warranty

By Douglas Martin on Aug 10, 2019

Great customer service. I will be referring others to this installation store.

By Albert&Carmella Urban on Aug 06, 2019

By Gerald Bailon on Jul 31, 2019

Poor completely helpless staff rude just wanted to get you out of the overpriced badly

By Jeremy Fernandez on Jul 24, 2019

Great staff those guys really know what they are doing

By Frank Valencia on Jul 18, 2019

Had a dash cam installed. Was not instructed in its use. The manual wasn’t any help. Went back four months after because I live out of town n manager acted like it was my fault. When I called him on BS that there was no SD card installed n I wasn’t shown how to use it his response was to throw me out of the store. When I asked for his managers number his response is he is the manager. I told him not the store manager, his manager then things calmed down. Still don’t have a resolution I’m satisfied with.

By Russ Hume on Jul 18, 2019

Absolutely the worst retail experience of my life. They installed equipment that I didn't select without my approval and then when I didn't want the equipment they wrongly installed they wanted to charge me for the labor to remove it. WOW, I'll never do business here again.

By Chris Sanchez on Jul 16, 2019

Came in today looking for a touch screen display for my Camaro. The man with the nickname “food” was extremely polite and provided excellent customer service. They had all the parts I needed and got the installation done super fast!!! Worked with me! This place is great, I’ll definitely be coming back here next time I need audio work done! I’m very happy with my new display! Big thumbs up to Santa Fe Audio Express!

By Gary Sanchez on Jun 03, 2019

By orlando martinez on May 16, 2019

By Christopher Adam on Apr 26, 2019

Total rip-off! Way over priced/horrible customer service!