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By Antonio Benavidez on Dec 12, 2018


By Brian Toobin on Dec 07, 2018

By Adam Valerio on Nov 21, 2018

Thanks to food and his crew for a good job on my jl audio system and my viper alarm.

By heavens channel he on Nov 15, 2018

Great deals on car alarms

By Steven A on Nov 10, 2018

Won't stand by their work and will not work with you on price their guarantees are outright lies and the manager has an attitude do not go to these people. Will use vague price ranges and lock you in for the highest price once they've installed it if they say $40-$80 they mean $80 or more but seriously the most argumentative manager ever very rude and condescending very unprofessional will be prompt to get you the equipment but if something goes wrong you're screwed. Well you'll see when you go in. The better business bureau as well has multiple cases against them. And soon to be another.

By Joe Padilla on Nov 10, 2018

Great customer service, a little high priced but good selection of products.

By Jon Naranjo on Nov 06, 2018

These guys take care of you and check up on how things are! Excellent customer service

By Stephen Sweezey on Oct 31, 2018

Had them remove an aftermarket alarm system from my truck. After that, the electric doors locks weren’t working. Brought it back to them and they spent 2 days chasing wiring to fix the problem. They start and finish projects. I will definitely go back. Great guys.

By Ricky Cardenas on Oct 30, 2018

By TheTIMDOGG2003 on Oct 11, 2018

By Ricky Regan on Oct 01, 2018

By Jackson Fullbright on Sep 25, 2018


By MrDortega1 on Sep 17, 2018

By Mark Smith on Sep 12, 2018

Botched install and would not own up to damage done to car. If you have a car you care about look else where. Amateurs. Manager is incompetent, argumentative and immature. Other reviewers had also stated as such. Where there is smoke there is fire....

By Doug Ottersberg on Sep 10, 2018

I've been a customer here for years, have purchased at least 6 audio systems and alarms, Mike and crew always take good care of us during the purchase, and more importantly, AFTER the sale. When there have been issues, (and with most electronics, when isn't there?) they've always been courteous, professional and efficient and we're back on the road fast.

By Eric Luchetti on Aug 30, 2018

Good service, a little pricey but very good.

By Fernando Galvez on Aug 19, 2018

Great customer service and awesome selection of best name brands available!

By Ruchell Alexander on Aug 07, 2018

I appreciate the work these guys do. Thanks again Mike for sticking by your work, I've been very pleased with my enhanced sub woofer upgrade to my factory stereo, although sometimes cumbersome to take it (the J.L Audio subwoofer cabinet) out on those rare occasions where I might have to move luggage, I couldn't live without my bass amp system , especially the dial that you added to allow me bring in as much or as little of the bass and sub bass frequencies, thanks team!

By alejandro montoya on Aug 07, 2018

By kheya B on Jul 28, 2018